“Carnegie Corporation of New York’s Board Approves 24 Grants Totaling $26,911,500.”



The Carnegie Corporation of New York has announced quarterly grants totaling nearly $27 million to organizations in the United States and around the world working in the areas of education, immigration, and international affairs.

Grants awarded through the foundation’s international program include $2.7 million over three years to the University of Cape Town for postgraduate training and research programs to advance scholarship and improve the retention of African academics; $800,000 over three years to the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in support of the Nuclear Proliferation International History Project; and $313,800 over two years to the International Peace Institute to fund research, dialogue, and outreach on peace-building in Africa.

Grants awarded through the foundation’s national program include $5 million to Public Interest Projects in support of the Four Freedoms Fund, a donor collaborative focused on immigrant integration at the state level; $5.7 million over three years to the National Center for Civic Innovation for the launch and development of the Springpoint Institute as a new school design intermediary; and $300,000 to Our Piece of the Pie for the development of a blended-school design for over-age and under-credit youth.

In addition, the foundation awarded a number of grants from its special opportunities fund, including a grant of $210,000 to Central European University in support of the Richard C. Holbrooke Center For Conflict Resolution and the Prevention of Genocide; and, in honor of the foundation’s centennial anniversary, $2 million over two years to the Library of Congress for the World Digital Library.

For a complete list of grant recipients, visit the Carnegie Corporation Web site.


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