Our Projects!

PEER Group’s Initiative thematic areas include Public Health, Environment, Education, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Youth Capacity Development. We just try to sum them up under the following programs!


PEER Leadership Program is a gathering where youths come to learn about basic life and developmental skills. PGI’s goal of this project is to make tomorrow today!


PGI will execute this project in any sector that concerns the human race. Our plan is to contribute to any advocacy, development and paradigm shifting projects that can affect my life and yours too.


PGI trains young people on skills essential enough to give them financial liberty and enable them become employers of labour. PGI’s goal of this project is to make people and create businesses.

PEER CLUB for teenagers

PEER Club is an adolescent focused concept of PGI. PGI’s goal of this project is to nurture a brighter future for the youths. PEER Club is a platform on which youths express their youthful energy in the right, positive and productive way. They learn leadership skills and are taught how to manage their sexual health!

And any project that can change the face of humanity!


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